Medication Adherence

While over four billion prescriptions are written each year in the United States, research has consistently shown that many patients do not take their medications according to their clinicians’ instructions.  At CHIBE, researchers use principles of behavioral economics, such as incentives, social comparisons and remote monitoring, to better understand how to improve medication adherence. Our findings are practical and scalable, and have been integrated into employer and insurer plans that drive health care value.

Here's some of our work in the area of medication adherence

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Enhanced Active Choice

Working with CVS Health, our team developed a program called enhanced active choice. This new approach more than doubled the rate at which consumers enrolled in the automatic refill program. CVS Health has now implemented this approach across much of their business nationally and by CVS estimates, this intervention has influenced medication adherence for more than 10 million CVS Health members.

Incentives and Monitoring

Financial incentives and real-time adherence monitoring may be able to help those living with HIV adhere to antiretroviral therapy. Our researchers found that individuals who were eligible for daily lottery-based financial rewards based on their adherence, in addition to a financial reward if they achieved viral suppression at 3 months, were more likely to be ≥80% adherent (36% intervention vs 25% control).

Synchronized Refills

Synchronizing medication refills proved to be an effective way to increase medication adherence in this study of Medicare Advantage patients receiving mail-order refills for common maintenance medications especially among those with poorer baseline adherence.

Financial Incentives

In this study, our researchers found that different financial incentives could improve statin adherence but not LDL-C levels. “This result points to the importance of directly measuring health outcomes, rather than simply adherence, in trials aimed at improving health behaviors,” they said.

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