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Take a look at CHIBE’s publications, which are helping advance the science of using behavioral economics to improve health and leading to discoveries around how our minds work.

Using machine learning to unveil relevant predictors of adherence to recommended health-protective behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic in Denmark

International Association of Applied Psychology
June 8, 2024
Lau Lilleholt, Gretchen B. Chapman, Robert Böhm, Ingo Zettler

Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring With Social Support for Patients With Hypertension: A Randomized Clinical Trial

JAMA Network Open
June 3, 2024
Shivan J Mehta, Kevin G Volpp, Andrea B Troxel, Joseph Teel, Catherine R Reitz, Alison Purcell, Humphrey Shen, Kiernan McNelis, Christopher K Snider, David A Asch

Participant perspectives on incentives for TB preventative therapy adherence and reduced alcohol use: A qualitative study

PLOS Global Public Health
April 24, 2024
Ayesha Appa, Amanda P Miller, Robin Fatch, Allen Kekibiina, Brian Beesiga, Julian Adong, Nneka Emenyonu, Kara Marson, Monica Getahun, Moses Kamya, Winnie Muyindike, Michael McDonell, Harsha Thirumurthy, Judith A Hahn, Gabriel Chamie, Carol S Camlin

B-OK: A Visual and Tactile Tool for HIV Treatment Adherence Support in a United States Urban Center

March 1, 2024
Aaron Richterman, Tamar Klaiman, Daniel Palma, Eric Ryu, Laura Schmucker, Katherine Villarin, Gabrielle Grosso, Kathleen A Brady, Harsha Thirumurthy, Alison Buttenheim

Association Between Self-Reported Medication Adherence and Therapeutic Inertia in Hypertension: A Secondary Analysis of SPRINT (Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial)

Journal of the American Heart Association
January 19, 2024
Joshua A. Jacobs, Catherine G. Derington, Alexander R. Zheutlin, Jordan B. King, Jordana B. Cohen, John Bucheit, Ian M. Kronish, Daniel K. Addo, Donald E. Morisky, Tom H. Greene and Adam P. Bress

Pilot Study of a Mobile Phone Chatbot for Medication Adherence and Toxicity Management Among Patients With GI Cancers on Capecitabine

JCO Oncology Practice
January 18, 2024
Kelsey S. Lau-Min, Jessica Marini, Nishant K. Shah, Donna Pucci, Abigail N. Blauch, Christine Cambareri, Bethany Mooney, Parul Agarwal, Caleb Johnston, Ryan P. Schumacher, Kyle White, Peter E. Gabriel, Roy Rosin, Linda A. Jacobs, Lawrence N. Shulman

Estimating The Impact Of Out-Of-Pocket Cost Changes On Abandonment Of HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

Health Affairs
January 8, 2024
Lorraine T. Dean, Amy Stewart Nunn, Hsien-Yen Chang, Shivani Bakre, William C. Goedel, Rahel Dawit, Parya Saberi, Philip A. Chan, Jalpa A. Doshi

Detection of Medication Taking Using a Wrist-Worn Commercially Available Wearable Device

JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics
December 21, 2023
Amy I. Laughlin, Quy Cao, Richard Bryson, Virginia Haughey, Rashad Abdul-Salaam, Virgilio Gonzenbach, Mridini Rudraraju, Igor Eydman, Christopher M Tweed, Glenn J. Fala, Kash Patel, Kevin R. Fox, C. William Hanson, Justin E. Bekelman, Haochang Shou

Financial Incentives for Reduced Alcohol Use and Increased Isoniazid Adherence During Tuberculosis Preventive Therapy Among People With HIV in Uganda: An Open-Label, Factorial Randomised Controlled Trial

The Lancet Global Health
December 1, 2023
Gabriel Chamie, Judith A. Hahn, Allen Kekibiina, Nneka I. Emenyonu, Brian Beesiga, Kara Marson, Robin Fatch, Sara Lodi, Julian Adong, Harsha Thirumurthy, Michael G. McDonell, Monica Gandhi, Kendall Bryant, Diane V. Havlir, Moses R. Kamya, Winnie R. Muyindike

Geographic Variations of PrEP Reversal and Abandonment Among US Counties

November 16, 2023
Rahel Dawit, William C. Goedel, Sean C. Reid, Jalpa A. Doshi, Amy S. Nunn, Philip A. Chan, Lorraine T. Dean

A Systematic Review of Peer Support Interventions for Adolescents Living with HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa

AIDS Patient Care and STDs
November 10, 2023
Charisse V. Ahmed, Rebecca Doyle, Darby Gallagher, Olore Imoohi, Ugochi Ofoegbu, Robyn Wright, Mackensie A. Yore, Merrian J. Brooks, Dalmacio Dennis Flores, Elizabeth D. Lowenthal, Bridgette M. Rice, Alison M. Buttenheim

PEERNaija-A Mobile Health Platform Incentivizing Medication Adherence Among Youth Living With HIV in Nigeria: Study Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial

Pilot and Feasibility Studies
October 27, 2023
Leslie J. Pierce, Martin C. Were, Sandra Amaral, Muktar H. Aliyu, Oliver Ezechi, Agatha David, Ifeoma Idigbe, Adesola Z. Musa, Prosper Okonkwo, Nadia Dowshen & Aima A. Ahonkhai

Antiretroviral Treatment Gaps and Adherence Among People with HIV in the U.S. Medicare Program

AIDS and Behavior
October 27, 2023
Pengxiang Li, Girish Prajapati, Zhi Geng, Vrushabh P. Ladage, Jean Marie Arduino, Dovie L. Watson, Robert Gross, Jalpa A. Doshi

Acceptability and Feasibility of a Mobile Phone Application To Support HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Among Women With Opioid Use Disorder

AIDS and Behavior
April 10, 2023
Aaron Richterman, Fatemeh Ghadimi, Anne M. Teitelman, Kevin Moore, Trisha Acri, Hannah North, Kasandra Lopez, Vuthy Ou, Amelia E. Van Pelt, Florence Momplaisir

Smoothing Medicare Part D Out-Of-Pocket Costs Under The Inflation Reduction Act

Health Affairs
February 3, 2023
Jalpa A. Doshi, Amy Niles

Qualitative Analysis of a Remote Monitoring Intervention for Managing Heart Failure

BMC Cardiovascular Disorders
January 20, 2023
Tamar Klaiman, L. G. Ianotte, Michael Josephs, Louise B. Russell, Laurie Norton, Shivan Mehta, Andrea Troxel, Jingsan Zhu, Kevin Volpp, David Asch