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    Improving the delivery and quality of care for health care leaders

    Behavioral economics tools can help improve care for patients, streamline processes for clinicians, and save money.

    Our research can help you.

    Our researchers have demonstrated how behavioral science can be used to improve health outcomes. Changes in the electronic health record at Penn Medicine helped increase vaccinations, decrease patients’ length of stay in the hospital, and increase referral rates for cardiac rehabilitation, for example.

    And we have the proof.

    In one case, a simple change to the electronic health record default choice from brand-name prescriptions to generics increased generic prescriptions overnight from about 75% to 98%, saving millions of dollars annually for Penn Medicine.

    Be a part of the movement toward better health for everyone.

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    Collaborate with Us

    Interested in collaborating with CHIBE on a project? Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can work together.