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Clinician Behavior

The ways in which physicians, nurses and other clinicians make choices affects the quality and value of patient care. CHIBE’s clinician behavior team works with insurance providers and policymakers to test and implement behavioral economics interventions in a clinical setting. Investigators look at how new and innovative models of physician payment, combined with social and financial incentives, can optimize the value and quality of health care for patients. The work of CHIBE’s researchers has informed large and small-scale health care policy, including the design of the Affordable Care Act.

How can we influence clinician behavior? CHIBE researchers use tools like nudges and defaults and behavioral science principles such as loss aversion and peer comparisons to change behavior around things like prescribing, serious illness conversations, and medication recommendations vs referrals, for example.

two women clinicians document information on a medical form

Collaborate With Us

Interested in collaborating with CHIBE on a clinician behavior related project? Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can work together.