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Our Impact

Our researchers not only publish in the leading academic journals and are cited by top media organizations, our affiliates care about implementing the findings from their research and creating change in our government, health systems, companies, and society. They are interested in making an impact in the real world.

What People Are Saying

  • Michael Blutt headshot

    “CHIBE’s work sits at the very core of society’s pursuit of health, aiming to understand and augment the motivations that shape health-seeking or health-avoiding behaviors.”

    Mitchell Blutt
    CHIBE External Advisory Board Member
  • Rebekah Gee headshot

    “I admire CHIBE for actively seeking practical solutions to some of today’s most challenging public health concerns through innovative research and collaboration that focus on improving value and quality of care.”

    Rebekah Gee
    CHIBE External Advisory Board Member
  • Robert Galvin headshot

    “CHIBE’s work is the most trusted voice at the cutting edge of one of the most important issues in health care – how to help people make healthy choices—and uses well-designed research to develop approaches to help people help themselves.”

    Robert Galvin
    CHIBE External Advisory Board Member

Collaborate with Us

Interested in collaborating with CHIBE on a project? Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can work together.