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Take a look at CHIBE’s publications, which are helping advance the science of using behavioral economics to improve health and leading to discoveries around how our minds work.

Evaluating the Implementation of a Community Health Worker-Delivered Intervention Integrating Asthma Care in West Philadelphia Public Schools

Journal of Asthma
February 9, 2024
Kayla Clark, Elizabeth Messineo, Tyra Bryant-Stephens, Angela Song, Darby Marx, Adina Lieberman, Rinad S. Beidas, Courtney Benjamin Wolk

Wealth Redistribution to Extend Longevity in the US

JAMA Internal Medicine
January 29, 2024
Kathryn E. W. Himmelstein, Alexander C. Tsai, Atheendar S. Venkataramani

Outcome of BMI2+: Motivational Interviewing to Reduce BMI Through Primary Care AAP PROS Practices

January 29, 2024
Ken Resnicow, Emerson Delacroix, Kendrin R. Sonneville, Shannon Considine, Robert W. Grundmeier, Di Shu, Jennifer A. Faerber, Alexander G. Fiks, Jennifer Steffes, Donna Harris, Heide Woo, Tim Proctor, Margaret E. Wright, Laura P. Shone, Sarah E. Barlow, Richard C. Wasserman, Robert Siegel, Melissa S. Stockwell

Evaluation of Four Interventions Using Behavioural Economics Insights To Increase Demand for Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision in South Africa Through the MoyaApp: A Quasi-Experimental Study

January 20, 2024
Preethi Mistri, Silviu Tomescu, Simamkele Bokolo, Alexandra De Nooy, Pedro T Pisa, Skye Grove, Laura Schmucker, Candice Chetty-Makkan, Lawrence Long, Alison Buttenheim, Brendan Maughan-Brown

Association Between Self-Reported Medication Adherence and Therapeutic Inertia in Hypertension: A Secondary Analysis of SPRINT (Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial)

Journal of the American Heart Association
January 19, 2024
Joshua A. Jacobs, Catherine G. Derington, Alexander R. Zheutlin, Jordan B. King, Jordana B. Cohen, John Bucheit, Ian M. Kronish, Daniel K. Addo, Donald E. Morisky, Tom H. Greene and Adam P. Bress

Pilot Study of a Mobile Phone Chatbot for Medication Adherence and Toxicity Management Among Patients With GI Cancers on Capecitabine

JCO Oncology Practice
January 18, 2024
Kelsey S. Lau-Min, Jessica Marini, Nishant K. Shah, Donna Pucci, Abigail N. Blauch, Christine Cambareri, Bethany Mooney, Parul Agarwal, Caleb Johnston, Ryan P. Schumacher, Kyle White, Peter E. Gabriel, Roy Rosin, Linda A. Jacobs, Lawrence N. Shulman

The Longitudinal Association Between Caregivers’ Perceived Competence and Autonomy and Children’s Dietary Consumption Before and 10 Months Into the COVID-19 Pandemic

January 17, 2024
Violeta Chacón, Mei Chung, Sara C. Folta, Erin Hennessy, Hannah Macfarlane, Christina A. Roberto, Alison Tovar, Norbert L. W. Wilson, Christina D. Economos

Default Palliative Care Consultation for Seriously Ill Hospitalized Patients: A Pragmatic Cluster Randomized Trial

JAMA Network
January 16, 2024
Katherine R. Courtright, Vanessa Madden, Brian Bayes, Marzana Chowdhury, Casey Whitman, Dylan S. Small, Michael O. Harhay, Suzanne Parra, Elizabeth Cooney-Zingman, Mary Ersek, Gabriel J. Escobar, Sarah H. Hill, Scott D. Halpern

Clinician Perspectives on Virtual Specialty Palliative Care for Patients With Advanced Illnesses

Journal of Palliative Medicine
January 10, 2024
Tamar Klaiman, Jenna Steckel, Caleb Hearn, Amaya Diana, William J. Ferrell, Ezekiel J. Emanuel, Amol S. Navathe, Ravi B. Parikh

Algorithmic Identification of Persons With Dementia for Research Recruitment: Ethical Considerations

Informatics for Health and Social Care
January 10, 2024
Alex John London, Jason Karlawish, Emily A. Largent, Spencer Phillips Hey, Ellen P. McCarthy

Delayed Effects of Cigarette Graphic Warning Labels on Smoking Behavior

January 9, 2024
Zhenhao Shi, An-Li Wang, Janet Audrain-McGovern, Kevin G Lynch, James Loughead, Daniel D Langleben

Estimating The Impact Of Out-Of-Pocket Cost Changes On Abandonment Of HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

Health Affairs
January 8, 2024
Lorraine T. Dean, Amy Stewart Nunn, Hsien-Yen Chang, Shivani Bakre, William C. Goedel, Rahel Dawit, Parya Saberi, Philip A. Chan, Jalpa A. Doshi

A Care Coordination Model to Prevent Cardiovascular Events in Patients with Psoriatic Disease: A Multicenter Pilot Study

Journal of Investigative Dermatology
January 4, 2024
William B. Song, Michael S. Garshick, John S. Barbieri, Daniel B. Shin, Suzette Báez, Maryte Papadopoulos, Aakriti Neopaney, Robert Fitzsimmons, Robert E. Kalb, Philip J. Mease, Ethan T. Craig, Joelle Koplin, Junko Takeshita, Zelma C. Chiesa Fuxench, April W. Armstrong, Nehal N. Mehta, Rinad S. Beidas, Alexis R. Ogdie, Joel M. Gelfand

Detecting Goals of Care Conversations in Clinical Notes with Active Learning

January 4, 2024
Davy Weissenbacher, Katherine Courtright, Siddharth Rawal, Andrew Crane-Droesch, Karen O’Connor, Nicholas Kuhl, Corinne Merlino, Anessa Foxwell, Lindsay Haines, Joseph Puhl, Graciela Gonzalez-Hernandez

Evaluating Perspectives on Well-Being and Burnout Among Emergency Medicine Program Leaders

The American Journal of Emergency Medicine
December 29, 2023
Anish K. Agarwal, John R. Barrett, Rachel Gonzales, Amanda J. Deutsch, Kevin R. Scott

Investing in Child Health Through Alternative Payment Models: Lessons From North Carolina Integrated Care for Kids

Medical Care Research and Review
December 29, 2023
Greeshma James, Elizabeth Kasper, Charlene A. Wong, David M. Anderson, Sarah Allin, Michael J. Steiner, Kori B. Flower, Daniel Kimberg, Rushina Cholera