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Megastudy shows that reminders boost vaccination but adding free rides does not


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Katherine L. Milkman, Sean F. Ellis, Dena M. Gromet, Youngwoo Jung, Alex S. Luscher, Rayyan S. Mobarak, Madeline K. Paxson, Ramon A. Silvera Zumaran, Robert Kuan, Ron Berman, Neil A. Lewis Jr, John A. List, Mitesh S. Patel, Christophe Van den Bulte, Kevin G. Volpp, Maryann V. Beauvais, Jonathon K. Bellows, Cheryl A. Marandola & Angela L. Duckworth


increase in COVID-19 booster uptake following behaviourally informed COVID-19 vaccination reminders


increase — a spill over effect — in influenza vaccinations