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April 15: Weekly Roundup of COVID-19 Coverage from CHIBE Faculty

By April 15, 2020April 28th, 2020No Comments

COVID-19Find selected coronavirus coverage from CHIBE-affiliated faculty members here:

Wharton: Kevin Volpp on Wharton Business Daily (Kevin Volpp)

Penn Today: Rapid response to COVID-19 puts the power of innovation to the test (Carolyn Cannuscio)

The Philadelphia Tribune: Memes, flip phones, compassion: How Philly is fighting coronavirus’ inequitable spread (Carolyn Cannuscio)

The Philadelphia Inquirer: The coronavirus pandemic is playing out behind hospital walls. On social media, these doctors and nurses give a peek into the front lines (Kit Delgado)

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Tips to help parents cope during school closures (Rinad Beidas)

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Why are so many black Americans dying of COVID-19? (Carmen Guerra and Karen Glanz)

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Do I need to wash my shoes when I come inside? (Carolyn Cannuscio)

ITWire: COVID-19: Google Cloud launches virtual agent support program (Kevin Volpp)

KNX 1070 Radio: Life and death decisions may be forced upon doctors in COVID-19 pandemic (Scott Halpern)

Today: There’s No Wrong Way to Feel (Rinad Beidas)

Fortune: The Coronavirus Economy: How I have been involved in the US response as an epidemiologist (Carolyn Cannuscio)

The New York Times: The Way We Ration Ventilators Is Biased (Harald Schmidt)

Connecticut Public Radio: When Will It Be Safe To Go Back In The Water? (Alison Buttenheim)

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Coronavirus threat spurs movement of cancer care into homes (Justin Bekelman)

The New York Times: Will 2020 Be the Year That Medicine Was Saved? (Amol Navathe)

USA Today: Dr. Fauci says immunity certificates ‘possible’ after coronavirus pandemic. Here’s what that means (Harald Schmidt)

Newsweek: First-Come, First-Served Healthcare No Longer Applies. We Must Now Allocate Care To Those Who Will Benefit The Most (Scott Halpern)


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