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A Repeated Cross-Sectional Study Of Clinicians’ Use Of Psychotherapy Techniques During 5 Years Of A System-Wide Effort To Implement Evidence-Based Practices In Philadelphia

Implementation Science

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Rinad S. Beidas, PhD; Nathaniel J. Williams, MHS, MBA, MPH; Emily M. Becker-Haimes, MD; Gregory A. Aarons, PhD; Frances K. Barg, PhD, MEd; Arthur C. Evans, PhD; Kamilah Jackson, MD; David Jones, MD; Trevor Hadley, PhD; Kimberly Hoagwood, PhD; Steven C. Marcus, PhD; Geoffrey Neimark, MD; Ronnie M. Rubin, PhD; Sonja K. Schoenwald, PhD; Danielle R. Adams, PhD; Lucia M. Walsh, Kelly Zentgraf, David S. Mandell, ScD