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Opinion: Get a shot, win $1 million (or $100,000)

Over the next couple of months, other countries will probably surpass the U.S. on rates of COVID-19 vaccination. The reason is not lack of supply, but vaccine hesitancy. How can more Americans be persuaded to get their shots? Insights from behavioral economics can help. Katy Milkman of the University of Pennsylvania has written a fabulous new book describing her pioneering work in the field, including on how to boost vaccination rates. Given the benefits of achieving herd immunity, it is essential to try a wide variety of approaches. As Milkman’s colleague Alison Buttenheim has explained, letting people know that a vaccine has been reserved for them may provoke a sense of loss if they don’t get it, along with a sense of obligation to the person who set aside the dose. Read more at Crain’s Cleveland.