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Media Coverage of Philly Vax Sweeps

In an effort to get more people vaccinated, Philadelphia is following in the footsteps of other places that’ve offered cash incentives to get the COVID-19 vaccine, but with a unique psychological twist. The city is holding what’s known as a “regret sweepstakes,” officials announced Monday. Every two weeks starting June 21, a pair of residents will be selected to win $50,000 each. Three of these drawings are scheduled so far, and each one also comes with a slew of secondary $5k and $1k prizes. The catch: officials will only hand over the money if you already got your shot. That knowledge — that the phone might ring and you’d have to tell the caller, “Uh, no, actually, I didn’t get the vaccine yet” and miss out on the windfall — is a powerful motivator to go out and do the damn thing, according to behavioral scientist Katy Milkman. Read more at Billy Penn. See more media coverage in the following outlets: NBC 10 Philadelphia: Philly to Give $50000 in Cash to Residents in COVID ‘Vax Sweepstakes’ CBS Philly: 36 Fully Vaccinated Philadelphians To Win Up To $50,000 Through New Philly Vax Sweepstakes Program WITF: Philly announces vaccine sweepstakes and a regret lottery