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A Mega-Study of Text-Based Nudges Encouraging Patients to Get Vaccinated at an Upcoming Doctor’s Appointment


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Milkman, Katherine L. and Patel, Mitesh S. and Gandhi, Linnea and Graci, Heather and Gromet, Dena and Ho, Quoc Dang Hung and Kay, Joseph and Lee, Timothy and Akinola, Modupe and Beshears, John and Bogard, Jonathan and Buttenheim, Alison and Chabris, Christopher and Chapman, Gretchen B. and Choi, James J. and Dai, Hengchen and Fox, Craig R. and Goren, Amir and Hilchey, Matthew and Hmurovic, Jillian and John, Leslie and Karlan, Dean and Kim, Melanie and Laibson, David I. and Lamberton, Cait and Madrian, Brigitte C. and Meyer, Michelle N. and Modanu, Maria and Nam, Jimin and Rogers, Todd and Rondina, Renante and Saccardo, Silvia and Shermohammed, Maheen and Soman, Dilip and Sparks, Jehan and Warren, Caleb and Weber, Megan and Berman, Ron and Evans, Chalanda and Snider, Christopher and Tsukayama, Eli and Van den Bulte, Christophe and Volpp, Kevin and Duckworth, Angela, A