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WTVD-TV: North Carolina health department now says students don’t have to wear masks outside at recess

The COVID-19 vaccine is free. The Health Department will Moderna (age 18+), Pfizer (age 16 +) and Johnson & Johnson (age 18+) vaccines. Vaccinations will be administered on an appointment or walk-in basis while supplies last Dr. Charlene Wong, a pediatrician at Duke Health, said the COVID-19 vaccine is not a particularly painful shot. “I don’t think it’s one of the shots that’s particularly painful when compared to other shots and again, teens do have a lot of shots, some of which are known to be a little bit more painful when you’re actually having a shot,” Wong said. What about the side effects? First of all, serious side effects are extremely rare. You’re more likely to have a slightly sore arm or be tired and achy for a day or two. “I think you know the best thing that parents can do is to make sure that their teens know that that’s a possibility and that actually, that’s a good sign,” Wong said. “It’s a sign that the vaccine is working; that it’s giving your body the protection.” Read more at ABC11.