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WHYY: NJ is offering up more freebies for COVID vaccinations. But do those incentives work?

New Jersey officials announced Wednesday an additional 626 COVID-19 cases. That raises the overall case count of PCR and Antigen tests to 1,012,196. Gov. Phil Murphy on Wednesday rolled out more incentives to encourage people to get vaccinated against COVID-19. But are the incentives enough to turn someone “dead set” against getting vaccinated? “I’m not so sure,” said Dr. David Asch, executive director of the Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation. He says that the incentive depends on what is being offered, whether that is something the person wants, and how it is being presented. “If it’s a transactional incentive, like if you get vaccinated, you’ll get a hundred dollars, that’s much less likely to be as motivating and as potent as, for example, what they did in Ohio,” he said.