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Pennsylvania News Today: Sweepstakes give vaccinated residents a chance to win up to $ 50000.Coronavirus

Financial incentives have been launched to motivate Philadelphia residents to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Through Philly Vax Sweepstakes, a total of 36 Philadelphia vaccinated people over the age of 18 can win up to $ 50,000 and a total of nearly $ 400,000. Six people will each win $ 1,000 in three draws on June 21, July 6, and July 19. Four earn $ 5,000 and two earn $ 50,000. Financial support for the sweepstakes and related research is provided by the Wharton School and the University of Pennsylvania’s “Good Initiatives for Behavioral Change,” the University of Pennsylvania Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics Center, and the Institute for Influenza. Professor Katie Milkman of the University of Pennsylvania at Wharton said, “We have organized a sweepstakes to encourage as many Philadelphians as possible to be vaccinated, but especially for unvaccinated communities. We are focusing on it. “ Read more at Pennsylvania News Today.