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MedCity News: Can technology improve medication adherence after a heart attack?

Integrating technology into the healthcare system is no longer unconventional. From helping clinicians keep track of data to assisting patients as they track their own health, technology’s benefits are numerous. But does technology make a difference in every situation? How about when it comes to outcomes after a heart attack? A new study in JAMA Internal Medicine found the answer is … no.
The analysis concluded that when compared to usual care, using wireless technology, financial incentives and social support didn’t improve patient outcomes after a heart attack. As part of the study, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania recruited 1,509 participants, all of whom had experienced a heart attack. They were each hospital inpatients for between one and 180 days but were eventually discharged. Additionally, they were all prescribed at least two of the following drugs: statin, aspirin, beta blocker and antiplatelet agent. Read more at MedCity News.