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The Philadelphia Inquirer: To Increase Disposal Of Leftover Opioids, Give Parents A Bag Of … Coffee Grounds?

“The idea — validated by a University of Michigan study — is that parents will be nudged to trash, rather than stash, leftover opioid pills that could tempt misuse among teens or even tots. All the parents have to do is mix the pills with the coffee grounds, then throw the baggie in the garbage, as public health officials recommend.
A third of parents who were given a baggie along with the prescription promptly disposed of leftover pills (and emailed a photo to prove it), compared with 19% of parents who went home without a baggie, the Michigan researchers found. The disposal rate was even better — 39% — for parents in the baggie group who also read blunt online warnings about children overdosing and even dying after pilfering pills.” Read more at The Philadelphia Inquirer. 

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