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Forbes: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Self-Care Is Smart Care

“A recent Wall Street Journal article noted that successful people many high-profile individuals begin their days at 4 a.m. For example, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, gets up at 3.45 a.m. every day to answer email and make phone calls across various time zones. Bully for Tim, I say. He’s well compensated. Nonsense. In a recent tweet, Adam Grant, Wharton professor, and best-selling author, wrote, “The world’s most successful people aren’t worried about what time others wake up. They wake and work on the schedule that works for them.” Few in America brag about time off; it’s almost regarded as something sinful. Our culture is hardly religious, yet we seem most Puritanical about work. Nothing wrong with hard work, but too often work is considered “hard” if the hours are long. Many employees fall into the trap of grinding out longer hours because their boss does the same. There is the perception that if they work “normal hours” they are slackers. In such instances, activity is equated to productivity. Work hard but work smart!” Read more at Forbes 

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