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April 22: Weekly Roundup of COVID-19 Coverage from CHIBE Faculty

COVID-19Find selected coronavirus coverage from CHIBE-affiliated faculty members here: Human Resource Executive: Number of the day: Coronavirus stress (Sally Welborn) Forbes: How College Campus Closings Are Affecting Graduating Seniors (George Loewenstein) KLFY: LSU and K Health team up to provide Louisiana residents free access to doctors (Rebekah Gee) Daily Signal: Problematic Women: Saving Lives and Livelihoods of Equal Importance in COVID-19 Fight (Gail Wilensky) The Philadelphia Inquirer: Coronavirus is separating dying patients from their families. Now, healthy people are making sure end-of-life wishes are known (Scott Halpern) People: Worried About Your Kids During Quarantine? Don’t Worry, Says an Expert: ‘Most Won’t Remember It’ (Adam Grant) USA Today: Can I still go for a walk, run under stay at home orders? Should I wear a mask? (Carolyn Cannuscio) The Philadelphia Inquirer: The coronavirus pandemic is playing out behind hospital walls. On social media, these doctors and nurses give a peek into the front lines (Kit Delgado) The Philadelphia Inquirer: What happened to all the toilet paper, according to professors of psychology and supply chains (Deborah Small) People: Doctors Concerned About Lung Damage to Coronavirus Patients from Long-Term Ventilator Use (Scott Halpern) Seattle Times: How to help others during a pandemic when they’re too embarrassed to ask (George Loewenstein) The Washington Post: Coronavirus killed a mother and her three sons, devastating their surviving relatives (Rebekah Gee) Medium: Novel, Real-Time Data for Getting Ahead of COVID-19 and Safely Easing Physical Distancing Policies (Kit Delgado and Alison Buttenheim) The Philadelphia Tribune: Contact tracing for COVID-19 starts on a small scale in Philly (Carolyn Cannuscio) The Atlantic: Business and Science Are Pointing in the Same Direction (Kevin Volpp, David Asch, and Ralph Muller) The Conversation: Hand-washing and distancing don’t have tangible benefits – so keeping up these protective behaviors for months will be tricky (Gretchen Chapman and George Loewenstein) Sharon Herald: Gov. sets target date of May 8 (Alison Buttenheim)

Pittsburgh Action News: Some Democratic PA lawmakers rebuke calls for a ‘rush to reopen’ in the face of COVID-19 pandemic (Alison Buttenheim)

Washington Post: As protesters swarm state capitols, much of the coronavirus backlash is coming from within (Alison Buttenheim) TribLive: Protesters in Pittsburgh demand Gov. Wolf to reopen businesses amid coronavirus pandemic (Alison Buttenheim)