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ABC11: Will $25 convince you to get a COVID vaccine? New NCDHHS program aims to increase vaccination rate

NCDHHS announced a new financial incentive pilot program to try and increase COVID-19 vaccinations. Beginning Wednesday, the state will offer a $25 summer cash card at select vaccine sites in Mecklenburg, Guilford, Rowan and Rockingham counties. “The more quickly we can get as many people vaccinated in North Carolina, the more quickly we’ll be able to bring summer back,” said Dr. Charlene Wong, the NCDHHS Chief Health Policy Officer for COVID-19. Through Sunday, 52.5% of adults in North Carolina are at least partially vaccinated, well below the national rate of 61.5% of adults. This is the first time the state is offering a financial incentive to get the shots, though private companies and providers have previously and continue to offer varying incentives. “(NCDHHS) has taken a lot of different approaches to really increase the demand for COVID-19 vaccines, wanting to make it as easy as possible for folks so that it’s convenient for them to get a vaccine, and also exploring differing strategies that use incentive programs. The $25 summer cash card is one example of an incentive program,” Dr. Wong said. Read more at ABC11.