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Vote for Penn Project in 2021 STAT Madness Competition

Vote in the STAT Madness competition for best innovations in biomedicine for a University of Pennsylvania project (Matchup 18) involving several CHIBE members!

The project, which is titled “AI Prompts Critical Conversation” in the competition, is about Penn’s work using machine learning and behavioral nudges to prompt clinicians to start serious illness conversations among patients with cancer. Read the JAMA Oncology paper here: “Effect of Integrating Machine Learning Mortality Estimates With Behavioral Nudges to Clinicians on Serious Illness Conversations Among Patients With Cancer.”

STAT Madness describes the project: “Many cancer patients die without having talked to their doctor about their end-of-life preferences, resulting in unwanted care. University of Pennsylvania researchers developed an algorithm to predict which cancer patients were at the highest risk of dying within six months and prompt clinicians weekly to have conversations with them about their treatment goals and care wishes. The number of these conversations with high-risk patients quadrupled during the five-month trial. Giving clinicians such behavioral nudges might reduce the number of patients who die in the ICU or on a ventilator rather than at home.”

The study authors are (CHIBE members in bold): Christopher R. Manz, MD; Ravi B. Parikh, MD, MPP; Dylan S. Small, PhD; Chalanda N. Evans, BS; Corey Chivers, PhD; Susan H. Regli, PhD; C. William Hanson, MD; Justin E. Bekelman, MD; Charles A. L. Rareshide, MS; Nina O’Connor, MD; Lynn M. Schuchter, MD; Lawrence N. Shulman, MD; Mitesh S. Patel, MD, MBA.

The first round of voting begins March 1, 2021, and is open until March 7, 2021. You can vote each day on the STAT Madness website.