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Take a look at CHIBE’s publications, which are helping advance the science of using behavioral economics to improve health and leading to discoveries around how our minds work.

Protocol for a Pragmatic Stepped Wedge Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial Testing Behavioral Economic Implementation Strategies To Increase Supplemental Breast MRI Screening Among Patients With Extremely Dense Breasts

Implementation Science
November 24, 2023
Anne Marie McCarthy, Claudia Fernandez Perez, Rinad S. Beidas, Justin E. Bekelman, Daniel Blumenthal, Elizabeth Mack, Anna-Marika Bauer, Sarah Ehsan, Emily F. Conant, Bernadette C. Wheeler, Carmen E. Guerra, Linda W. Nunes, Peter Gabriel, Abigail Doucette, E. Paul Wileyto, Alison M. Buttenheim, David A. Asch, Katharine A. Rendle, Rachel C. Shelton, Oluwadamilola M. Fayanju, Sue Ware, Martina Plag, Steven Hyland, Tracy Gionta, Lawrence N. Shulman, Robert Schnoll

Together We Go Farther: Improving Access to Cancer Screening Through a Multidisciplinary, One-Stop-Shop Approach

Academic Radiology
September 13, 2023
Sara P. Ginzberg, Christine E. Edmonds, Farouk Dako, Terrilynn Donnell, Armenta L. Washington, Leisha C. Elmore, Daniel J. Lee, Anil Vachani, Deborah Mincarelli, Carla Zeballos Torrez, Thomas M. McCormick, Veronica Rodriguez, Vivian Nguyen, Catherine Oliva, Barbara Atherholt, Raymond Gaiser, Lawrence Congiu, Brandon Grant, Murat Gungor, Brian S. Englander, Carmen E. Guerra, Linda W. Nunes

Comparison of Simulated Outcomes of Colorectal Cancer Surgery at the Highest-Performing vs Chosen Local Hospitals

JAMA Network Open
February 16, 2023
Caitlin B. Finn, Chris Wirtalla, Sanford E. Roberts, Karole Collier, Shivan J. Mehta, Carmen E. Guerra, Edoardo Airoldi, Xu Zhang, Luke Keele, Cary B. Aarons, Shane T. Jensen, Rachel R. Kelz

Factors Associated With Primary Care Physician Decision-Making When Making Medication Recommendations vs Surgical Referrals

JAMA Network Open
February 16, 2023
Anusha Naik, Solomiya Syvyk, Jason Tong, Chris Wirtalla, Frances K. Barg, Carmen E. Guerra, Shivan J. Mehta, Richard Wender, Raina M. Merchant, Rachel R. Kelz

Financial Toxicity in Prostate Cancer Survivors: A National Cross-Sectional Assessment of Subjective Financial Burden

Urologic Oncology
November 11, 2022
Christopher D. Herrera, Carmen E. Guerra, Vivek Narayan, Thomas J. Guzzo, Ronac Mamtani, Daniel J. Lee, Gregory E. Tasian, Ruchika Talwar

Enhancing Access to and Diversity in Cancer Clinical Trials Through a Financial Reimbursement Program: Protocol To Evaluate a Novel Program

Contemporary Clinical Trials
September 10, 2022
David E. Gerber, Jasmin A. Tiro, Lorna H. McNeill, Erin L. Williams, Hong Zhu, Simon J. Craddock Lee, Patrick J. Leavey, Navid Sadeghi, Kandice A. Kapinos, Dana L. Dornsife, Vivian Nguyen, E. Paul Wileyto, Carmen E. Guerra

Strategies to Advance Equity in Cancer Clinical Trials

American Society of Clinical Oncology Educational Book
June 10, 2022
Carmen E. Guerra, Mark E. Fleury, Leslie P. Byatt, Tyler Lian, Lori Pierce

A Hidden Opportunity – Medicaid’s Role in Supporting Equitable Access to Clinical Trials.

The New England Journal of Medicine
May 27, 2021
Takvorian SU, Guerra CE, Schpero WL.

A Plan-Do-Study-Act Approach to the Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Patient Navigation Program to Reduce Breast Cancer Screening Disparities in Un- and Under-Insured, Racially and Ethnically Diverse Urban Women

Frontiers in Public Health
February 19, 2021
Guerra CE, Verderame E, Nicholson A, Wan L, Brooks AD

From Race-Based to Precision Oncology: Leveraging Behavioral Economics and the Electronic Health Record to Advance Health Equity in Cancer Care

JCO Precision Oncology
February 17, 2021
Kelsey S. Lau-Min, Carmen E. Guerra, Katherine L. Nathanson and Justin E. Bekelman

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Opt-in Versus Opt-Out Colorectal Cancer Screening Outreach

The American Journal of Gastroenterology
June 21, 2018
Shivan J. Mehta, MD, MBA, MSHP; Tanya Khan, MD; Carmen Guerra, MD, MSCE; Catherine Reitz, MPH; Timothy McAuliffe, BA; Kevin G. Volpp, MD, PhD; David A. Asch, MD, MBA; Chyke A. Doubeni, MD, MPH

Metastatic Lung Cancer and Distress: Use of the Distress Thermometer for Patient Assessment

Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing
June 1, 2017
Sherry, V., CRNP; Guerra, C., MD, MSCE; Ranganathan, A., MD; Schneider, S., PhD, RN, AOCN, ACNS-BC, FAAN

Effect of a Financial Incentive for Colorectal Cancer Screening Adherence on the Appropriateness of Colonoscopy Orders

Am J Med Qual
May 5, 2016
Thomas B. Morland, M.D.; Marie Synnestvedt, Ph.D.; Steven Honeywell Jr., B.S.; Feifei Yang, M.S.; Katrina A. Armstrong, M.D., M.S.C.E.; Carmen E. Guerra, M.D., M.S.C.E.