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Take a look at CHIBE’s publications, which are helping advance the science of using behavioral economics to improve health and leading to discoveries around how our minds work.

A randomised trial of “Fresh Start” text messaging to improve return to care in people living with HIV who missed appointments in South Africa

May 29, 2024
Njuguna C, Long L, Mistri P, Chetty-Makkan C, Maughan-Brown B, Buttenheim A, Schmucker L, Pascoe S, Thirumurthy H, O'Connor C, Mutyambizi C, Mutasa B, Rees K.

Mobile Delivery of COVID-19 Vaccines Improved Uptake in Rural Sierra Leone

March 13, 2024
Alison Buttenheim & Harsha Thirumurthy

B-OK: A Visual and Tactile Tool for HIV Treatment Adherence Support in a United States Urban Center

March 1, 2024
Aaron Richterman, Tamar Klaiman, Daniel Palma, Eric Ryu, Laura Schmucker, Katherine Villarin, Gabrielle Grosso, Kathleen A Brady, Harsha Thirumurthy, Alison Buttenheim

Evaluation of Four Interventions Using Behavioural Economics Insights To Increase Demand for Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision in South Africa Through the MoyaApp: A Quasi-Experimental Study

January 20, 2024
Preethi Mistri, Silviu Tomescu, Simamkele Bokolo, Alexandra De Nooy, Pedro T Pisa, Skye Grove, Laura Schmucker, Candice Chetty-Makkan, Lawrence Long, Alison Buttenheim, Brendan Maughan-Brown

Opportunities To Improve Opioid Use Disorder Care for Hospitalised Patients With Endocarditis

BMJ Open Quality
December 18, 2023
Rachel French, Peggy Compton, Justin Clapp, Alison Buttenheim, Allison Schachter, Olivia Uhley, David Mandell

Protocol for a Pragmatic Stepped Wedge Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial Testing Behavioral Economic Implementation Strategies To Increase Supplemental Breast MRI Screening Among Patients With Extremely Dense Breasts

Implementation Science
November 24, 2023
Anne Marie McCarthy, Claudia Fernandez Perez, Rinad S. Beidas, Justin E. Bekelman, Daniel Blumenthal, Elizabeth Mack, Anna-Marika Bauer, Sarah Ehsan, Emily F. Conant, Bernadette C. Wheeler, Carmen E. Guerra, Linda W. Nunes, Peter Gabriel, Abigail Doucette, E. Paul Wileyto, Alison M. Buttenheim, David A. Asch, Katharine A. Rendle, Rachel C. Shelton, Oluwadamilola M. Fayanju, Sue Ware, Martina Plag, Steven Hyland, Tracy Gionta, Lawrence N. Shulman, Robert Schnoll

Early Literacy Promotion Using Automated Hovering Among Young Minority Children

Academic Pediatrics
November 10, 2023
James P. Guevara, Manuel E. Jimenez, Brian P. Jenssen, Michael Luethke, Rebecca Doyle, Alison Buttenheim

Protocol To Evaluate Sequential Electronic Health Record-Based Strategies To Increase Genetic Testing for Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk Across Diverse Patient Populations in Gynecology Practices

Implementation Science
November 6, 2023
Heather Symecko, Robert Schnoll, Rinad S. Beidas, Justin E. Bekelman, Daniel Blumenthal, Anna-Marika Bauer, Peter Gabriel, Leland Boisseau, Abigail Doucette, Jacquelyn Powers, Jacqueline Cappadocia, Danielle B. McKenna, Robert Richardville, Lauren Cuff, Ryan Offer, Elizabeth G. Clement, Alison M. Buttenheim, David A. Asch, Katharine A. Rendle, Rachel C. Shelton, Oluwadamilola M. Fayanju, E. Paul Wileyto, Martina Plag, Sue Ware, Lawrence N. Shulman, Katherine L. Nathanson & Susan M. Domchek

Kindergarten Vaccination Status in California After Changes to Medical Exemption Policy

JAMA Network Open
October 9, 2023
Paul L. Delamater, PhD; Alison M. Buttenheim, PhD, MBA; Daniel A. Salmon, PhD; Jason L. Schwartz, PhD; Saad B. Omer, MBBS, PhD

Improving HIV Testing, Linkage, and Retention in Care Among South African Men Through U=U Messaging: A Study Protocol for Two Sequential Hybrid Type 1 Effectiveness- Implementation Randomized Controlled Trials

BMC Public Health
October 4, 2023
Andrew Medina-Marino, Nkosiyapha Sibanda, Mary Putt, Dvora Joseph Davey, Phillip Smith, Harsha Thirumurthy, Linda-Gail Bekker, Alison Buttenheim

Kindergarten Vaccination Status in California After Changes to Medical Exemption Policy

October 2, 2023
Paul L. Delamater, Alison M. Buttenheim, Daniel A. Salmon, Jason L. Schwartz, Saad B. Omer

Correlates of COVID-19 Vaccination Intentions and Opinions About Mandates Among Four Groups of Adults in South Africa With Distinct Vaccine Intentions: Evidence From a Large National Survey

BMC Public Health
September 11, 2023
Katherine Eyal, Lindokuhle Njozela, Timothy Köhler, Kim Ingle, Timothy Brophy, Alison Buttenheim, Brendan Maughan-Brown

Applying Behavioural Economics Principles To Increase Demand for Free HIV Testing Services at Private Doctor-Led Clinics in Johannesburg, South Africa: A Randomised Controlled Trial

August 9, 2023
Simamkele Bokolo, Suzanne Mabaso, Wentzel Kruger, Preethi Mistri, Laura Schmucker, Candice Chetty-Makkan, Sophie J S Pascoe, Alison Buttenheim, Harsha Thirumurthy, Lawrence Long

Effects Of An Employee COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate At A Long-Term Care Network

Health Affairs
August 7, 2023
Aleksandra M. Golos, Alison M. Buttenheim, Ashley Z. Ritter, Elizabeth F. Bair, Gretchen B. Chapman

Predictors of COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake Among Adults in South Africa: Multimethod Evidence From a Population-Based Longitudinal Study

BMJ Global Health
August 4, 2023
Brendan Maughan-Brown, Katherine Claire Eyal, Lindokuhle Njozela, Alison M. Buttenheim

Maximising the Value of Nudge Units for Global Health

The Lancet Global Health
July 21, 2023
Harsha Thirumurthy, Alison M. Buttenheim, Candice Chetty-Makkan, Sophie Pascoe