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Yahoo Finance: Why cash incentives and lotteries for COVID-19 vaccinations failed?

From Yahoo! Money: When covid-19 vaccines were first rolled out in the US, government officials and corporations spent months using various tactics to convince the hesitant, from paying them to get their shot to giving them free donuts. The number of unvaccinated adults in the US, which stands at around 80.2 million despite wide vaccine availability, was already evidence of the limited success of these kinds of measures. Now research confirms it. A couple of papers published in recent days found that neither cash payments nor lottery tickets moved vaccine-reticent Americans to get the jab. One lesson for policymakers, who spent months trying a hodgepodge of tactics without much success, is to be more systematic and diligent about studying what works and what doesn’t, Alison Buttenheim, a public health and behavior science researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, told Quartz. Had they done that, they would have perhaps rolled out mandates a lot sooner. Read the full story in Yahoo! Money. 

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