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WHYY: Why aren’t people getting vaccinated?

From WHYY: With Covid-19 infections and hospitalizations increasing, some towns and cities are reinstating mask mandates in an attempt to control the highly contagious delta variant spreading mostly among unvaccinated people. Almost half of the country hasn’t been vaccinated, leaving manyAmericans frustrated as they watch the pandemic move in the wrong direction. LUNNA LOPES, Kaiser Family Foundation analyst, joins us to discuss their recent survey on vaccine hesitancy. Then, how do you get people to change their minds about the vaccine? We’ll talk about what influences the decision to get vaccinated and how to get people to think more pro-socially with SYON BHANOT, associate professor of behavioral economics at Swarthmore College and ALISON BUTTENHEIM, associate professor of nursing and health policy at University of Pennsylvania. Listen to the full podcast. 

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