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Becker’s Health IT: When It Comes to Innovation at Penn Medicine, ‘Just About Everything Is in Bounds’

As the chief innovation officer of Philadelphia-based Penn Medicine, Roy Rosin manages a far-reaching team: The Center for Health Care Innovation is staffed by clinicians, innovation managers, designers, coders and behavioral economists — to name just a few. This diverse team works closely with a group of “passionate, mission-driven clinicians,” as well as Penn Medicine’s legal, strategy, finance, information services, research and administration departments to accomplish its lofty goal of designing, developing and deploying solutions to “dramatically improve patient outcomes, experience and the value of care,” according to Mr. Rosin, who added, “It’s a broad portfolio of work!” That innovative work is enabled by both technology and manpower, he explained. While their IS and IT partners facilitate the team’s use of data and install digital platforms that reduce the costs of interventions, just as crucial to the innovation team’s success are leaders willing to both allot funding to their ambitious projects and advocate on the behalf of that ambition. Read more on Becker’s Health IT & CIO Report.