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The Philadelphia Inquirer: We Should Keep Healthy Routines But Try To Break Bad Habits

By Angela Duckworth:
When I wake up, I fill the orange plastic cup with water from the bathroom sink, drink it, brush my teeth, pad downstairs, turn on the electric kettle, grind coffee, and check my email while waiting for the water to boil.
This is a pretty complex routine, but I’ve repeated it so often that it’s second nature.
You probably have your own morning ritual, and it surely differs from mine (unless you, too, are still using the unbreakable cup you bought at Ikea for your toddler ages ago).
What we have in common is that we’re getting through the opening moments of the day on autopilot.
It turns out that nearly half of what we do, think, and feel in the course of a day is habitual.
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