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Philadelphia Magazine: Five Reasons It Feels Good to Do Good for Others

Interview of Angela Duckworth It’s part of our DNA. The desire to help others is hardwired, or definitely built into human nature. You don’t have to tell very young children to feel bad when they see another child lose a toy. It’s part and parcel of who we are. It’s social. Relationships are the biggest predictor of happiness. Humans want to be in close and harmonious contact with other people. Yes, there are some nonprofits where you have to pick up trash, but most are social. We also have a deeply evolved instinct to be a part of something greater than ourselves. This “purpose” drive is why people say the most satisfying kind of work is “having a calling.” If you probe, that’s not because of their salary — it’s because they’re helping other people. It’s correlated with happiness.” Read more at PhillyMag