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Interview: Kevin Volpp MD, Founding Director Of CHIBE Making It Easier For Patients & Providers To Do The Right Things

Human behavior is, by far, the single biggest lever we have to impact our health outcomes. Yet, despite the profound impact our behaviors have on health outcomes, as well as on our national & global economic health; we continue to see adherence rates to appropriate treatment and medication taking hover between 40 to 50%! These incredibly low adherence rates exist in chronic issues such as diabetes treatment and blood pressure control; and they also occur even after life-threatening events such as heart attacks. This is, without question, a major health care challenge for patients, providers, payers & employers. In fact, it’s one of the most significant challenges for just about every stakeholder in healthcare, including pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies. In this interview, Dr. Kevin Volpp, one of the most highly published and productive physician-scientists in this discipline, shares numerous applications & techniques of behavioral economics – as applied directly to patients’ & providers’ behaviors. Read more at DocWire