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Insider: An ER doc says separate COVID-19 clinics should be set up to allow overstretched ERs to focus only on emergency cases

From Insider: An ER doctor has suggested that US healthcare systems need to be smarter with adapting to the Omicron wave of COVID-19 infections, with one solution being to re-direct milder cases of COVID-19 out of the emergency rooms so doctors can focus on those who need urgent care. Mucio Kit Delgado, an ER doctor and assistant professor of emergency medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, posted several ideas on how the country’s stressed healthcare systems can deal with COVID-19. In a Twitter thread posted on January 3, Delgado said that the Omicron variant is “crazy contagious,” observing that health systems continued to be stressed by record-high patient numbers, with mostly unvaccinated patients needing hospitalization and oxygen. Read the full story in the Insider. 

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