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HealthDay: 329 Americans Are Injured by Guns Every Day: Study

Firearm injury is a major health crisis in the United States and new research sheds more light on how many of those who are injured survive and the circumstances of their shootings. Intent had a dramatic impact on the likelihood of survival, researchers found. The findings were published Dec. 7 in JAMA Internal Medicine. Roughly 9 out of 10 self-harm injuries ended in death — more than 21,100 per year. About 25% of those injured in assaults or in legal intervention, such as police-involved shootings, died. About 1% of those injured in accidents died, the study revealed. Overall, assaults accounted for about 39% of all firearm injuries. Unintentional injuries accounted for 37%. Study author Dr. Kit Delgado, an assistant professor of emergency medicine and epidemiology at the University of Pennsylvania, said the findings fill some “major” gaps in knowledge about U.S. firearm injury. Read more at HealthDay.