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Paul Rozin, PhD

Paul Rozin, PhD

Professor of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania

Cultural Psychology: Acquisition of likes and dislikes for foods and other things, beliefs about risk and natural, and nature of opposition to biomedical technology advances, such as genetically modified foods.  The influence of moral concerns about animal welfare and the environment on dietary choice.  Understanding the balance of health and moral concerns with pleasure seeking in food choice.  Major new research initiative, in collaboration with a faculty group at Penn and the University of Konstanz, in Germany, on a cross cultural analysis of the motivations for eating, the meaning of food, and attitudes to natural.  The study will include both on-line and field interview data collection in USA, Mexico, Brazil, France, Germany, Ghana, Turkey, India, China and Japan (more than 50% of the world’s population).  The study is funded by the German Science Foundation. Research interests: food choice, culture and health