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A Multicentered Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing the Effectiveness of Pain Treatment Communication Tools in Emergency Department Patients With Back or Kidney Stone Pain

American Journal of Public Health

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Zachary F. Meisel MD, MPH, MSHP, Frances Shofer PhD, Abby Dolan MPH, Erica B. Goldberg MSW, Karin V. Rhodes MD, MS, Erik P. Hess MD, MSc, Venkatesh R. Bellamkonda MD, Jeanmarie Perrone MD, Carolyn C. Cannuscio ScD, Lance Becker MD, Melissa A. Rodgers MEd, Michael M. Zyla BS, Jeffrey J. Bell RN, Sharon McCollum, Eden Engel-Rebitzer BA, Max Jordan Nguemeni Tiako MD, MS, Greg Ridgeway PhD, and Marilyn M. Schapira MD, MPH