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WebMD Health News: Leaked Documents Show Facebook Put Profit Before Public Good

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From WebMD Health News:

A leaked trove of papers from inside Facebook shows that the social media giant’s internal research uncovered a host of problems on the platform related to public health and other issues, but did virtually nothing about it.

The files were leaked by a whistleblower, former Facebook employee Frances Haugen, who shared tens of thousands of documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Congress, and a consortium of news organizations. She has since testified before the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and European lawmakers.

“Large organizations that have influence and access to lots of people need to be accountable to the well-being of that population, just as a matter of principle,” says sociologist Damon Centola, PhD, author of Change: How to Make Big Things Happen.

He likens the explosion of social media to the history of television, which has been regulated in numerous ways for decades.
“I think that provides us with a parallel of social media and the capacity of the medium to influence the population,” he says. “It seems to me that organizations can’t get away with saying they won’t take public welfare into account.”

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