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Politifact: Have vaccine lotteries worked? Studies so far show mixed results

By August 19, 2021September 13th, 2021No Comments

From Politifact:

Researchers told PolitiFact that if the costs are modest, lotteries might be helpful in boosting vaccination rates, but other tactics may be more cost-effective.

Meanwhile, policies that don’t involve a direct price tag at all, such as requiring vaccines for employees or students, may be more effective at this point in the pandemic, said Kevin Volpp, who co-authored the paper on the Philadelphia lotteries.

“It’s time for governors to use their power to require vaccination where possible and not rely on financial incentive programs or other ‘lighter touch’ strategies,” Volpp said.

In recent weeks, Washington state has required all teachers to be vaccinated. California, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Nevada are among the states that have required vaccinations for state employees, sometimes with a fallback option of weekly testing, while Maine has required health workers to be vaccinated.

Read the full story in Politifact. 

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