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Kidney Stone Study at UPenn and CHOP

water in a cup

Do you get kidney stones? Are you trying to drink more water? Volunteers are needed for a kidney stone research study at UPenn and CHOP. The purpose of the 2-year study is to help researchers find out if drinking more fluid can help prevent future kidney stone progression and reoccurrence.

Participants are provided with a ‘smart’ water bottle that automatically logs daily water intake through a phone app. Half of the participants are given a daily fluid goal. At enrollment and at end of study, adult participants will get a CT scan and adolescent participants will get a renal ultrasound. All other questionnaires and follow-up visits are conducted online and over the phone. Throughout the study, participants will occasionally complete 24-hour urine panels. In addition, participants have the potential to obtain compensation of up to $480.00.


  • Aged 12 or older
  • Have passed or had a kidney stone removed in the past 5 years
  • Own a smart phone
  • Willing to use a smart water bottle and drink more water

Remote recruitment is possible, so if you live outside Philadelphia you can still participate. If you are interested in participating or want to receive more information, please call Emily at 215-898-4897 or e-mail

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