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Healthcare IT News: How to put behavioral economics to work for more effective patient engagement

“… In a recent interview with Healthcare IT News, Asch explained the value of behavioral economics. While patients might be irrational in their decision-making processes, they’re ‘irrational in highly predictable ways,’ he said. That means that health systems that focus on patient psychology can more successfully leverage that knowledge to help drive engagement and healthier behaviors. ‘The idea that we should educate people and help them make better decisions has only minimal effectiveness,’ said Asch. Behavioral economics shows that consumers are not always rational, even when equipped useful information and handy health gadgets. ‘Fitbits and pedometers don’t make you walk more,’ said Asch. ‘Weight loss apps don’t make you lose weight. They’re just facilitators. Unless they’re paired with some insight into human behavior, they’re the sound of one hand clapping.'” Read more at Healthcare IT News.