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Health Europa: Smart inhaler could improve asthma management

A new study has demonstrated that asthma inhalers that use sensors could contribute to better management of the condition and improved quality of life. The researchers say that using sensor-based inhalers in healthcare providers’ clinical workflows may help improve medication adherence and support children with asthma and their families to manage their condition more effectively, as well as improving quality of life for care givers. “This study is another clear example that digital health is here to stay, as it allows for us to stay connected to patients living with chronic disease, provide a level of automated watchfulness, and intercept disease in a timely manner,” said Deneen Vojta, MD, Chief Physician Executive for Optum Labs, part of UnitedHealth Group. “This is a terrific example of moving from the best care out there today to the best care possible.” Read more at Health Europa.

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