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Eminetra: Wharton Psychology Leader on Dangerous Mind Defining Consumers After the New Corona

Instead of jumping to the conclusions about consumers after the corona, go back to what psychological research taught us long before the pandemic. One cannot easily change habits. What you can lose by changing your behavior weighs more on your heart than your potential benefits. Deborah Small, a professor of marketing and psychology at Wharton, said at CNBC recently: Small business playbook Summit. The idea behind it, known in academia as risk awareness, has been complicated by pandemics. Many previously taken for granted business transactions, such as bars, cafes, restaurants, face-to-face fitness classes, and face-to-face education, suddenly forced consumers to take new actions against their true nature. This is an unprecedented event. Consumers are looking for alternatives in a way that is rarely done, which is happening in the ever-changing consumer situation and has been primarily related to digital buying and selling in recent years. Read more at Eminetra.

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