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Dr. Venkataramani Launches Opportunity for Health Lab

Atheen Venkataramani at PHS Workshop 2019

Atheendar Venkataramani, MD, PhD, has launched the Opportunity for Health Lab, whose mission is to eliminate health disparities by bolstering economic opportunity.

The lab seeks to understand how the American Dream affects America’s health and to identify and develop policies that improve access to the American Dream and boost population health. The team believes that “Economic opportunity—the extent to which one’s income does not depend on that of their parents’—is good for health.”

Some of the topics the lab is exploring include social mobility; health consequences of a changing economy; structural racism and health disparities; immigration policy, opportunity, and health; and opportunity policy.

Dr. Venkataramani and his team will collaborate with partners in academia, government, and industry to use their findings to improve the health of Americans.

Learn more on the Opportunity for Health Lab website, and follow the lab on Twitter @OppforHealthLab.