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David Asch, Marissa Sharif Honored in Center for Advanced Hindsight’s Awards

The Center for Advanced Hindsight created its first annual Hindsight Awards, which ranks the best of last year’s articles, podcasts, talks, newsletters, and more.

Best TED Talk of 2019 was given to Dan Ariely’s “How to Change Your Behavior for the Better,” while CHIBE’s David Asch got 2nd place with his talk titled “Why It’s So Hard to Make Healthy Decisions.” The 3rd place was given to Charlotte Blank’s “Lead Like a Scientist: Experiments are Key to Unleashing Potential.”

Another CHIBE-affiliated faculty member Marissa Sharif received 2nd place in the Best Academic Article category for her paper “Nudging persistence after failure through emergency reserves.” First place went to “The demotivating effect (and unintended message) of awards,” and 3rd place went to “Improving acceptability of nudges: Learning from attitudes towardsopt-in and opt-out policies.”

Watch David Asch’s video below: