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Jessica Fishman, PhD

Jessica Fishman, PhD

Director of the Message Effects Lab

Director of the Vaccination Adherence Core|Assistant Research Professor & Faculty Research Associate|Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics Fellow|CHIBE-affiliated faculty member

Jessica Fishman, PhD, is a CHIBE-affiliated faculty member and behavioral scientist with a joint appointment at the Perelman School of Medicine and the Annenberg School at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Fishman is Director of the Message Effects Lab and a new initiative on campus to increase vaccination rates. She is a Fellow at the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics and has served as the Co-Director of the Outcomes Measurement and Methods Core within the School of Medicine.  Dr. Fishman supports research teams that want to use validated, causal models of behavior, as well as gold-standard measurement approaches, to identify the malleable mechanisms of behavior change.  She develops behavior change strategies by examining when and how to use social incentives, financial incentives, and/or message effects from persuasion research. In addition to collaborating with academic research teams, she works with the World Bank, domestic and foreign governments, and industry leaders. Dr. Fishman received her BA from Stanford University and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. Areas of expertise:
  • Behavioral economics
  • Implementation science
  • Behavior change
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