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Michael Parmacek, MD

The Parmacek laboratory examines the molecular and genetic programs that regulate heart and vascular development with particular focus on the biology of vascular smooth muscle and cardiac myocytes. The Parmacek laboratory has utilized genetically-engineered mouse models to elucidate the function(s) of critical transcription factors and transcriptional co-activators that regulate cardiomyocyte and vascular smooth muscle cell differentiation including GATA-4, GATA-5, GATA-6, SRF, myocardin, MKL-1 and MKL-2.  These data have provided insights into how cells populating transduce signals regulating development and adaptation to hemodynamic stress.  While fundamentally important at a basic level, this research has provided insights into the pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases including atherosclerosis, thoracic aortic aneurysm and dissection, heart failure and congenital heart disease.