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Tanja Kral, PhD

Tanja Kral, PhD

Associate Professor of Nutrition Science, School of Nursing and Perelman School of Medicine

The overarching goal of Dr. Kral’s research has focused on two scientific areas that aim to significantly advance the prevention and treatment of pediatric obesity: 1) identifying behavioral phenotypes for childhood obesity and 2) developing evidence-based strategies that promote healthy eating in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through personalized technology-based interventions. Her research examines the role of behavioral phenotyping as an innovative approach for the development of more personalized obesity prevention and treatment interventions that are tailored to children’s individual predispositions (precision science). Dr. Kral is currently also developing and testing 1) the feasibility and acceptability of an interactive mobile health (mHealth) nutrition intervention for children with ASD and 2) the intervention’s efficacy on changing intake of targeted healthy and less healthy foods and beverages in picky eaters with ASD.