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Katelin Hoskins, PhD, MBE, CRNP

Katelin Hoskins, PhD, MBE, CRNP

Assistant Professor, Department of Biobehavioral Health Sciences

Dr. Hoskins’ research goals center on partnering with organizations, clinicians, families, and community members to equitably implement and scale up evidence-based interventions to prevent youth suicide. Her focus is on firearm-related lethal means safety, particularly given steeply rising rates of firearm suicide among racially and ethnically minoritized youth. As a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner, clinically rooted observations of the landscape of mental health service delivery motivate this research agenda. Experiences caring for children and adolescents have amplified the importance of context (e.g., social, historical, and political) and shape the questions that she pursues as a nurse scientist.
  She received her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in 2020, where she was a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Future of Nursing Scholar and recipient of the Dorothy Mereness Award for excellence in scholarly writing. She also holds a master’s degree in bioethics and a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Penn.