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Advocating for the Inclusion of Menu Labels on Drive-through Menu Boards

person orders at a drive-through with menu board that needs additional labeling

Evidence shows that menu labeling can improve dietary choices, but some versions of restaurant menu labeling legislation do not require the labeling to be present on drive-through menus. CHIBE researchers were interested to find out the number of consumers who bought fast food through drive-through menus.


Research by CHIBE Associate Director and Director of the PEACH Lab Christina Roberto, PhD, found that 57% of customers of 6 different chains purchased food through the drive-through lanes instead of entering the restaurants. This study was cited in a menu labeling bill introduced in Connecticut advocating for the inclusion of labels on drive-through menus. “Menu labeling legislation should mandate the inclusion of menu labels on drive-through menu boards to maximize the impact of this public health intervention,” the study authors concluded.

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