What People Are Saying About CHIBE

Interested in CHIBE? Read these testimonials from our internal and external advisory board members, faculty, and affiliated faculty members. Also, don’t miss our Impact page to learn more about our work.

"The best part about CHIBE is the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with brilliant mentors and colleagues outside my clinical specialty and launch innovative work with the help of pilot grant support."

Kit Delgado, MD, MS

University of Pennsylvania


"CHIBE's work sits at the very core of society's pursuit of health, aiming to understand and augment the motivations that shape health-seeking or health-avoiding behaviors."

Mitchell J. Blutt

Consonance Capital

"CHIBE is tackling some of the most prevalent and important public and population health challenges and brings together scientists from a wide range of backgrounds, united in the belief that most health challenges are thwarted by behaviors that are resistant to change. Adopting an agile mindset that bridges academia and real-world medical practice, CHIBE tests its theories of behavioral economies fearlessly. CHIBE's work has also converted health care leaders across industries to integrate its tools into their practices, achieving a real multiplier effect!"

Vivian Lee, MD, PhD, MBA


“CHIBE faculty identify what drives, motivates, and engages patients, physicians, and health systems to promote healthy behaviors.”

Michael S. Parmacek, MD

University of Pennsylvania


"CHIBE brings together a wide range of stakeholders focused on testing and implementing
innovative approaches to improve health and health care. This network has created many opportunities for my research endeavors and created a platform by which the evidence we
generated can be disseminated to key stakeholders for implementation."

Mitesh Patel, MD, MBA, MS

University of Pennsylvania


"I admire CHIBE for actively seeking practical solutions to some of today's most challenging public health concerns through innovative research and collaboration that focus on improving value and quality of care."

Rebekah E. Gee, MD, MPH, MHSPR

Louisiana State University Health Care Services

"CHIBE's work is the most trusted voice at the cutting edge of one of the most important issues in health care - how to help people make healthy choices - and uses well-designed research to develop approaches to help people help themselves."

Robert Galvin, MD, MBA

The Blackstone Group

“CHIBE applies rigorous scientific approaches to answer some of the most significant health care challenges of our time.”

Karen DeSalvo, MD, MPH

Google Health


"CHIBE has been pivotal in my growth as an early-career investigator, including providing me with direct funding support through pilot grants and inspiration through my inclusion in its community of innovative passionate researchers."

Joanna Hart, MD, MSHP

University of Pennsylvania


"Thanks to CHIBE's funding sources and connections, I've been able to do vastly more impactful research on health behavior change than I had ever hoped to prior to joining the Penn faculty and CHIBE community."

Katherine L. Milkman, PhD

University of Pennsylvania


"CHIBE sets the evidence-based standard on what works and what doesn't in health incentives, allowing providers, insurers, and employers to use practices that actually deliver."

David P. Kirchhoff, MBA

Boston Consulting Group

"Being a CHIBE member provides me opportunities to interact with colleagues who focus on the basic decision process mechanisms that underlie health outcomes in real-world settings."

Gretchen Chapman, PhD

Carnegie Mellon University


“CHIBE applies behavioral economics to important and often recalcitrant health issues in order to improve the health of the public.”

Steven Schroeder, MD

University of California, San Francisco