Our research team has conducted a number of impactful studies that have been translated into practice by a range of entities positively influencing health for millions of people. We have designed programs based on our findings that improve both the value and quality of care provided by health plans, employers and health systems.

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Government & Policy

Impact Story: Philadelphia

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Project: Sweetened Beverage Tax

Director of the PEACH lab Christina Roberto, PhD, published a significant study in JAMA showing that Philadelphia’s 1.5-cent-per-ounce sweetened beverage tax led to a 38% drop in sales of the taxed drinks, one year after the tax. Upon publication of the findings, Dr. Roberto’s work received widespread media coverage, and the City of Philadelphia was lauded locally, nationally, and globally for its efforts to lower sweetened drink consumption.

Dr. Roberto’s findings provide important evidence that sweetened beverage taxes may be one of the most effective policy tools to decrease consumption of sugary drinks.

Impact Story: MedPAC and GAO

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Project: GAO Report

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)’s report “Voluntary and Mandatory Episode-Based Payment Models and Their Participants” to Senator Ron Wyden, ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, cited research by CHIBE Associate Director Amol Navathe, MD, PhD, who was asked for his testimony on this subject.

Project: MedPAC

Dr. Navathe was also appointed by GAO as a member of the Medicare Paymnet Advisory Commission (MedPAC). MedPAC is the primary advisory body for Congress on issues affecting the Medicare program and will also analyze access to care and quality of care, among other issues affecting Medicare.