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Take a look at CHIBE’s publications, which are helping advance the science of using behavioral economics to improve health and leading to discoveries around how our minds work.

Spending Patterns Among Commercially Insured Individuals During the COVID-19 Pandemic

American Journal of Managed Care
October 11, 2023
Ravi B. Parikh, Ezekiel J. Emanuel, Yueming Zhao, David R. Pagnotti, Stuart Hagen, David A. Pizza, Amol S. Navathe,

Disparities in Emergency Department and Urgent Care Opioid Prescribing Before and After Randomized Clinician Feedback Interventions

Academic Emergency Medicine
March 6, 2023
Aidan P. Crowley, Chuxuan Sun, Xiaowei Sherry Yan, Amol Navathe, Joshua M. Liao, Mitesh S. Patel, David Pagnotti, Zijun Shen, M. Kit Delgado

Clinician Perceptions of Receiving Different Forms of Feedback on their Opioid Prescribing

American Journal of Medical Quality
December 29, 2022
Tamar Klaiman, Maria N. Nelson, Xiaowei S. Yan, Amol S. Navathe, Mitesh S. Patel, Farah Refai, M. Kit Delgado, David R. Pagnotti Jr., Joshua M. Liao

Trends in Enrollment in Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance in the US Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic, January 2019 to June 2021

JAMA Network Open
September 30, 2022
Ravi B. Parikh, Amol S. Navathe, Yueming Zhao, David Pagnotti, Ezekiel J. Emanuel

Qualitative Exploration of Barriers to Statin Adherence and Lipid Control

JAMA Network
May 4, 2021
Iwan Barankay, Peter P. Reese, Mary E. Putt, Louise B. Russell, Caitlin Phillips, David Pagnotti, Sakshum Chadha, Kehinde O. Oyekanmi, Jiali Yan, Jingsan Zhu, Kevin G. Volpp, Justin T. Clapp

Using Clinical Trial Data to Estimate the Costs of Behavioral Interventions for Potential Adopters: A Guide for Trialists

SAGE Journals
November 20, 2020
Russell LB, Norton LA, Pagnotti D, Sevinc C, Anderson S, Finnerty Bigelow D, Iannotte LG, Josephs M, McGilloway R, Barankay I, Putt ME, Reese PP, Asch DA, Goldberg LR, Mehta SJ, Tanna MS, Troxel AB, Volpp KG.

Effect of Patient Financial Incentives on Statin Adherence and Lipid Control

JAMA Network Open
October 9, 2020
Iwan Barankay, Peter P. Reese, Mary E. Putt, Louise B. Russell, George Loewenstein, David Pagnotti, Jiali Yan, Jingsan Zhu, Ryan McGilloway, Troyen Brennan, Darra Finnerty, Karen Hoffer, Sakshum Chadha, Kevin G. Volpp

The Habit Formation Trial of Behavioral Economic Interventions to Improve Statin Use and Reduce The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease: Rationale, Design And Methodologies

Society for Clinical Trials
June 1, 2019
Mary E Putt, PhD, ScD; Peter P Reese, MD, MSCE; Kevin G Volpp, MD, PhD; Louise B Russell, PhD; George Loewenstein, PhD; Jiali Yan, MS; David Pagnotti, MS; Ryan McGilloway; Troyen Brennen, MD, PhD; Darra Finnerty; Karen Hoffer, BS; Sakshum Chadha; Iwan Barankay, PhD