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Way to Health

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Way to Health is an integrated, cloud-based platform that blends behavioral science with scalable digital technology to conduct randomized controlled trials of healthy behavior interventions and strategic telehealth programs. Operated as a partnership between CHIBE and the Center for Health Care Transformation and Innovation, the platform provides both remote monitoring and engagement solutions as well as tools for developing and deploying new interventions. The platform has supported hundreds of clinical and research projects that focus on facilitating improvements in a wide range of clinical contexts including blood pressure, medication adherence, weight loss, physical activity, and more.

During FY24, the Way to Health team supported close to 200 research and clinical programs and launched 35 new projects. The Way to Health program has now touched more than 1.9 million individuals in various health improvement efforts and has supported more than 400 projects.

How Way to Health Works

Communication Pathways

Way to Health users can choose one communication mode or mix-and-match to maximize engagement. Options include two-way texting, interactive voice response (IVR), email, and patient portal messaging.


The Way to Health platform can deliver interventions in any language for which project teams provide translations.

Enrollment and eConsent

Way to Health users can implement interventions in any state in the United States and manage activities remotely using the platform’s eligibility and enrollment surveys and eConsent functions.

Arms and Randomization

Way to Health users can set up multiple arms for studies, including control arms. Computerized randomization of participants, including configurable choices for stratified, blocked, weighted, and adaptive randomization strategies, is also available. And ongoing management of participants via a triage view can be utilized out-of-the-box.

Patient-reported outcomes capture

Way to Health allows patients to share patient-reported outcomes (PROs), adverse events, symptoms, and more via structured or unstructured conversations. These can be patient-initiated and follow decision trees.

Vitals and activity monitoring

Way to Health integrates with numerous wireless technologies, making it possible for users to monitor the vitals and activity of participants over time.

Gamification and incentives

Way to Health allows users to embed gamification strategies and financial incentives in their interventions to increase motivation and promote patient engagement.

Survey administration

Way to Health offers a robust survey library. You can tweak one of its surveys or create your own from scratch to collect patient data.

Automation and exception handling

Automation and exception handling ensure that patients receive timely responses about their health status and that providers receive only messages that need their attention.

Schedule and criteria-based rules

Way to Health has a powerful rules engine that allows users to customize interventions using schedules and criteria. For example, you can program your intervention to send a specific message on the third Monday of each month at 7 AM or only when a particular event occurs, such as a patient being discharged from the hospital.

Dashboard views

Way to Health can aggregate intervention data into dashboard views for easy analysis.

Device integration

Way to Health integrates with biomedical and other Bluetooth devices such as wireless scales, pill bottles, activity trackers, blood pressure cuffs, and more. New devices can be integrated quickly.

EHR integrations

We believe that electronic health records (EHRs) should be the system of record for all patient data. As such, Way to Health provides bi-directional integration with Epic.

Learn more about Way to Health

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