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Way to Health

Way to Health is an integrated, cloud-based platform that blends behavioral science with scalable digital technology to conduct randomized controlled trials of healthy behavior interventions and strategic telehealth programs. Operated as a partnership between CHIBE and the Center for Health Care Innovation, the platform provides both remote monitoring and engagement solutions as well as tools for developing and deploying new interventions. The platform has supported hundreds of clinical and research projects that focus on facilitating improvements in a wide range of clinical contexts including blood pressure, medication adherence, weight loss, physical activity, and more.

During FY23, the Way to Health team worked on close to three projects per month, helping with design, requirements, implementation, testing and go-lives. The team actively supports 121 projects currently. Way to Health also supports key health system-wide initiatives and core research studies such as the Penn Healthy Heart program. The Way to Health program has now touched close to 1.6 million individuals in various health improvement efforts and has supported more than 290 projects involving researchers from more than 15 universities.

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